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SafeHouse Videos

Here we have a number of videos from our YouTube channel which will help you learn more about SafeHouse Explorer, encryption, as well as some of the other products in the SafeHouse Family of data security software.

How to Password Protect USB Flash Drives

This videos shows you how to use our FREE SafeHouse Explorer encryption software to password protect the files stored on your USB flash drive or memory stick.

How to Make Self-Extracting Encrypted Vaults

Our FREE SafeHouse Explorer encryption software can turn a set of files and folders into a self-contained encrypted vault which you can email with guaranteed privacy. The only thing the recipient will need is the password.

SafeHouse Family of Encryption Software

The SafeHouse family includes three core data security products. This video touches briefly on each one to help you better understand how the products relate to each other. Find more product details at our primary SafeHouse Software website.

Introduction to Hard Drive Encryption

Learn just enough about hard drive encryption. Nothing super technical. Just a general high level overview to help you understand some of the options which are available to you when choosing a software encryption product.

Data Privacy: Your Digital Life

A hilarious and whimsical satire about the perils which can befall our personal and private information in this digital age when we don't take steps to protect it.