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Below are copies of emails we've received from people using SafeHouse. We get so many emails just like this it would simply be impossible to show them all. But it will be clear to tell from the ones included below that SafeHouse is loved by everyone.

Happy Customers Who Love SafeHouse

Thanks very much for Safehouse! It's easy-to-install and simple-to-use software. It's been on my several laptops since 2001 and I have 'never' had a single problem. It just does what it does very well without a fuss. Can't say that about most of the other software I use. Thanks also for the free upgrade to ver 3. Nice touch. Why would I ever consider any other data security software.

Alexander Irving
Esche & Alexander Public Relations

I've been using the SafeHouse encryption software for years now and can't imagine my life without it. I feel safe with the knowledge that even if my laptop is stolen or lost my identity and private files are safe. Thank you PC Dynamics.

London, England

I have been using SafeHouse for over 5 years now. I have flirted with other similar products, but I have always come back to SafeHouse.

It is reliable, easy to use, and well thought out.

Encrypting CD ROM's, DVD ROM's, and even Flash Drives is simple assuring portability and security.

I have sensitive and private data which I need to transport daily in my Flash Drive. Encrypting with Safehouse assures me peace of mind in case of loss

Fares Albaker
Lisboa, Portugal

I would like to tell you and everyone else my main uses for Safehouse. I have used it for several years now to secure financial files and lots of other types. I protect Quicken from prying eyes by running it from inside my Safehouse volume. I know this may sound like overkill, but these days you can't be too careful. All I did was create a volume and open it then install Quicken. When I want to use it I just open the volume and run as normal. I also keep my year end records on the volume. I really feel a lot safer doing it this way and would recommend Safehouse to anyone and have done so many times. Thanks for a GREAT program !

Robert Blythe
Tomball, Texas

My wife and I have been using Safehouse to protect our data for several years now. This is one rock solid reliable piece of software that feels like just a natural part of using Windows. With Safehouse we really don't worry about what sensitive information we're putting on the computer or who has access to the computer.

Recently I took my computer in for repair and I shocked myself when it occurred to me just how much personal data I had handed over to them on the harddrive. Luckily, it was all stored in a Safehouse protected drive and there were no worries! Also, because an entire Safehouse drive looks like a regular file to windows, it can be safely backed up by any backup software or even offsite backup services such as mozy.com or carbonite.com

Kevin Goodman
Ottawa, ON Canada

I have used SafeHouse for several years to protect my financial data. In my opinion it is a superb product.

Carl Chi
Portland, CT

I have used safehouse since version 1.8 last 6 years or so, on my home and work computers, laptop and for archiving old data on CDs and DVDs. I've never had any issues with this software. Rock solid product!

David Kanly
Willowdale, ON Canada

I have been totally satisfied with Safehouse since Version 1.80 and don't know what I would do without it.

Matt Gould

I have been using Safehouse for some years now. I have found it totally secure and feel confident in the knowledge that my data is safe. I once accidently formatted a drive which had a Safehouse partition .I tried every recovery tool on the internet and not one of them was able to restore my files. So don't be stupid be safe.

T A Mc C
Drogheda, Ireland

As Director of a major University MBA program, I've used SafeHouse for several years to secure confidential student files. The encryption has performed flawlessly and has allowed us to create special archive volumes for each incoming and graduating class. We're able to carefully control access to these files even though they reside on a public platform. Thanks SafeHouse!

Lane Barrow
Director, Full-time MBA Program

"Rock solid - I've been using SafeHouse round the clock for six years and have never lost a file. Thank you!"

Jonathan March
St. Louis, MO

I have been a keen advocate for the encryption of data for many years. I have successfully used SafeHouse for many years - on all my PCs (desktops and laptops) and USB drives to secure my confidential data.


We've used SafeHouse for years to encrypt our private data such as our money records, passwords for websites, you name it. We've even used it to encrypt an entire 300GB hard drive's worth of data. The encrypted volumes mount quickly and reliably, and I've never had any serious issues with the software. The few issues I have encountered were due to 3rd-party software, and the developer was very good about responding to my request for assistance. All in all, this product does exactly what it says it will do, and you can feel confident in PC Dynamics as a company.

Ethan Quirt
Duluth, MN

I have been using Safehouse for almost 5 years now and am very pleased with your product I have told several of my clients and friends about it.

Gary Szewczyk, President, Paladin Technology Group

SafeHouse = Safe Files! I have recommended it to others and will certainly continue to do so.

Martin Seel
Somerset, TX

I am a victim of ID theft. I researched almost every product available that encrypts data. Most to my surprise offer a master code if you forget your password. Obviuosly that is not really secure! I even researched hard drives that come encrypted and did a search on Google for hack access. Many are easily hacked from data obtained online. I was surprised that after initially encrypting 70 GB's of data using SafeHouse 2.10, access to that data is instantanious. I also installed Firefox into my encrypted space, thus safe guarding my passwords Great Product!!!!!!!!!

Yorba Linda, CA

I normally never write to any company, but I would just like to thank you for the "live-long" support that I experience with your software. after using a cracked version I discovered while surfing, your piece of software is one of the verry few that I actually bought.

Normally you get everything you need to run a Windows-PC without actually paying for software (bundled with the PC or other hardware, excellent freeware-firewalls, antivirus-scanners, pdf creators...

SAFEHOUSE is truly some of the best invested PC-money. I am deeply impressed that you still develop the product further and that you even inform people that bought your software years ago that they can obtain their update for free. I am not aware of much software that still exists on the market that offers this. Take some of the big ones like adope (- no more support for old versions...), norton (every year a new version to be bought...)... The reason I would never buy most things is because I do not feel confident that the software will still be supported in the future (divxpro, realplayer,... Thats why I am so impressed by you.

JUST A BIG THANK YOU FOR THIS PIECE OF SOFTWARE. I use it regularly and have recommended you to many users around me, whoever has the need for some protection of private data.

Richard Brun
Widen, Switzerland

I love your software. It is rock solid.

Robert Yamaguchi
Round Rock, TX

I have a very high level of appreciation on SafeHouse software and the services rendered by PC Dynamics. I've been using this software on my home PC for the last 4 years. From the beginning itself I requested for certain special services which I got very promptly from you. I am more than satisfied. SafeHouse is really safeguarding all my confidential and valuable data since I am using Internet very extensively on a regular basis. Your SafeHouse program is very user friendly, easy to use and really fool proof.

Linson Joseph
Doha, Qatar

We use SafeHouse encryption software to keep customer files and personal files. We use two SafeHouse volumes with 256-bit encryption. I have a backup of both not encrypted just in case I forget the codes. I use to use a lot of passwords but now I only use one or two that only the people who are allowed in the files know. I have a personal one that I store all of your OS, and software, programs along with instructions and codes so if we lose the codes or the disks get lost or damaged we can make new ones if need be.

Spokane, WA

Since SafeHouse is used by some of our Government customers, we investigated competing products and tested the software. Our investigation team selected SafeHouse as the most effective in ensuring that if one of our analysts' laptops was lost or stolen, our customers' information would not be accessible. Besides being a best security practice, in such an event, we want our Government customers to be able to accurately state that there was virtually no chance the information could be exposed.

Bill Lynch, PMP Director
Program Management Operations
Creative Computing Solutions, Inc.

I've been using Safehouse for many years and it has proven totally reliable. I have run it on 5 different computers: ASA, Micron, Toshiba, Dell, and now a Lenovo. I've changed my anti-virus, backup, and disk maintenance software several times and have NEVER had a driver conflict or lost any data on an encrypted volume, even when my computers have crashed (I DO run Windows, after all).

I recommend Safehouse to anyone who has data they need to keep secure. Once a Safehouse volume is mounted, it's just like any other drive and I've never been able to detect any reduction in access times to files on Safehouse volumes.

When my notebook was stolen in a break-in to my hotel room, I was very relieved to know that the thieves had no access to all my banking records etc. Had my data not been safe, I would have had to rush to close my bank account, cancel credit cards etc. Since I always back everything up before leaving home, once I replaced the computer, I had all my data again.

Safehouse is probably the only program I run that I will not consider trying something else. It does exactly what I need and has never given me any grief --and for the price, it's definitely the best value of any software I own -- buy it!

Aaron Jacobs
Kailua-Kona, HI

Peter Avritch and Team are marvelous and Safehouse is an Excellent product. Support has always been there. I wish all software companies were like PC Dynamics.

Long time user,
Larry T.
Haltom City, TX

I love PC Dynamics, not only have they provided me with an unbeatable product, but they communicate with me on a regular basis, especially when there is a software upgrade available. PC Dynamics truly understands and respects their customers. Keep up the great work!

Cairns, Australia

As the user of Safehouse for the better part of a decade now, I cannot say enough about the usefulness, reliability, and value of this application! I utilize Safehouse in my personal life to keep the financial and various login/account information for my family protected. In my professional capacity of Information Technology Manager, I got our HR Department and the CEO + board of directors all to use Safehouse to protect sensitive personal information and business correspondance. Safehouse is easy to install and use, and bulletproof...I have never managed to corrupt any data even with the occasional system power down with a volume open, or (of course) periodic Windows lockups.

Jeff Frost
Mukwonago, WI