Virtual Smartcard

This tab is used to create and manage virtual smartcards using USB memory sticks.

The Virtual Smartcard tab is included in this dialog only when you have enabled the use of virtual smartcards in SafeHouse.


Create a new virtual smartcard from a USB flash device or memory stick.

SafeHouse will create a new folder on the device which is reserved for its own use. Approximately 200KB of disk space will be required to support SafeHouse's virtual smartcard features. The remaining space on the device can be used however you choose.

Virtual smartcards are represented as .SMART files (icon shown here on the left) and perform nearly identically to physical smartcards thanks to the magic of SafeHouse's internal smartcard simulation software.

Serial Numbers

Nearly all USB flash devices have an embedded hardware serial number. SafeHouse is able to take advantage of this by keying your virtual smartcard's .SMART file to a single specific USB device at the hardware level. This means that the file will only be able to be accessed from this specific device. If the .SMART file is copied to a different memory stick, SafeHouse will refuse to open the file.

On the other hand, it's perfectly okay to make a backup copy of your .SMART file; only that you'll need to copy it back to its corresponding USB device before once again being allowed to access the file.

See How to Create a Virtual Smartcard.


Choose this option to change the password (PIN) on an existing virtual smartcard.

See How to Change your Smartcard Password.

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