Choose a Volume Password

Please choose the starting password for your volume. You can change your password as often as desired.

If you are using a smartcard, SafeHouse will save your password to the smartcard after successfully creating your volume.

TIP:  Smartcards are great for saving extraordinarily-long complicated passwords because you'll never need to type them again. SafeHouse will retrieve them directly from your smartcard.

Choosing Strong Passwords

Be careful when you choose your passwords.



Password Rules and Policies

SafeHouse Professional includes support for establishing rules and policies which govern the length and composition of passwords. This wizard will enforce any specific polices which have been configured.

This is an advanced wizard configuration option. See Specify Password Policy.

The SafeHouse Administrator's Guide also describes how policies can be set for corporate deployments.

The Next button will be enabled only once you've entered an acceptable password.

Strength Meter

This password strength meter operates as a guide to help you choose strong passwords that are difficult to guess. The bar will turn green as you choose better passwords.

This meter is only a guide. We cannot guarantee with any certainty that specific passwords will never be guessed.

Password Dictionary

SafeHouse Professional includes a 250,000-word dictionary of common passwords, names, places, words and phrases which are easily guessed by intruders using commonly-available hacker dictionaries. If you choose a password found in the SafeHouse dictionary, the meter bar will remain all red to indicate that it's extremely vulnerable to dictionary attacks. After all, if it's in our dictionary, you can pretty much assume it will also be listed in the list of passwords to try by any determined intruder.

The term "dictionary attack" refers to a common practice by hackers of trying every word in the English dictionary, or some combination of available dictionaries. These attacks can be performed by automated software and run very quickly. In short, don't choose single words from the dictionary as your password.


Choose your password and then type it again in the field below. Passwords are case sensitive, up to 255 characters.


Retype your chosen password here to make sure it's what you think it is.


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