How to Close Volumes

Use the SafeHouse system tray icon to close volumes one at a time, or all at once.

Closed volumes are completely locked up and inaccessible until you once again open them using your password or smartcard.

Please be sure you've closed all open documents and files which refer to any volumes you're about to close. Closing a volume while you still have documents open on it is never a good idea and could cause damage to your files. SafeHouse will warn you if it sees that you might be making this mistake.

Follow these steps to close open volume:
  1. Right click on the SafeHouse system tray icon.

  2. Click either the Close Volume or Close All menu items.

When you select Close Volume in the system tray icon menu, the Close SafeHouse Volume dialog pictured below is displayed to let you choose which specific volume should be closed. The drop list will include all open volumes.

Select a drive letter and click the Close Volume button to accept.

NOTE:  SafeHouse will warn you if you attempt to close a volume which has open files on it.


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