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When you use the SafeHouse Deployment Wizard to create a customized SafeHouse installer, the output will be a traditional SETUP program; much like the setup program initially used to install your first copy of SafeHouse. This customized setup program supports a couple extra command line options that are not supported in the non-customized SafeHouse setup program.

Screen Shot:

Below is a screen shot from this utility to help  you better see which program this is.

Optional command line parameters:

Abbreviated parameters are not supported. The entire option name must be spelled out.

Example 1:

Running your customized setup program without any command line options causes the program to display its standard set of dialogs during the installation process. These dialogs will be nearly identical to those seen when you installed SafeHouse for the first time using the non-customized setup utility.


Example 2:

This example runs your customized SafeHouse installer without displaying any visual interface. Since you created the setup program using the SafeHouse Deployment Wizard, the program already knows the answers to any prompts that are typically presented by traditional setup programs.

The one caveat to be aware of is that when you use the /silent option, the usual step of displaying the Create Volume wizard at the end of the installation process is skipped. This means that you will need to make alternate arrangements to create the user's first volume. This can be done using subsequent scripting steps in your automated deployment process, or you can have SafeHouse help you out as seen in the next example.

C:\> SETUP.EXE /silent

Example 3:

When you run your customized setup program using both /silent and /create on the command line, the core program components will be installed silently without any visual interface; and then at the end, just before the program terminates, it will launch the Create Volume wizard using the command parameters you specified when using the Deployment Wizard to create your customized installer.

The Create Volume wizard gives you a high degree of flexibility over its operation due to its rich set of command line options. By carefully choosing which options are used, you are in complete control over what the user will see, what fields they'll need to fill in, or if the wizard will even display any interface at all.

If you want to get real creative, you could use the /usepassworddll option with the Create Volume wizard to cause the wizard to pop up your own dialog to acquire the password, and then run the rest of the wizard silently by using the /silent and /go options. See Custom Password Provider for more information on this topic.

C:\> SETUP.EXE /silent /create


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