Specifies that the Windows shell Explorer program should be launched automatically after a volume is opened.

Using this option, Explorer shows the window corresponding to the root of the newly-opened drive letter.

This command option is included by the default setup configuration. If you prefer not to have Explorer launch the drive window, remove this option from your SafeHouse open volume  shortcuts.

It is important to note that some newer versions of Windows automatically attempt to detect when new fixed disk drives are mapped and subsequently display corresponding Explorer windows. This feature of Windows competes with this /explore option and you might see two windows instead of one. If you encounter a problem, the solution is to not use the /explore option. Alternatively, you can use the /REMOVABLE option to make your volumes appear to Windows as removable media. Since Windows does not automatically display Explorer windows for removable drives, the displaying of the drive windows will be dependent upon whether or not you use the /explore option.






Utilities Supporting this option:

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