SafeHouse User's Guide

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Sample Remote Password Reset Request Form

Branding Successful

Confirm New Branding Group

Administrator Contact Information

Create New Volume Message

Branding Group Name

Internet Administration Features

Internet Administration Account

Internet Administration Account

Menu Choices

Open Existing Brand File

Output File

Choose Administrator Password

Ready to Brand

Ready to Update Smartcard

Select Branding Task

Store Password on Smartcard

Smartcard Entry Name

Smartcard Options

Smartcard Update Successful


Characteristics of SafeHouse Groups

Create Administrator Smartcard

Creating SafeHouse Groups

Creating Users' First Volumes

Creating Your First SafeHouse Group

Delete Administrator Smartcard

Specify Activation Key

Specify Create Volume Parameters

Encryption Policy

General Installation Options

Support for Resetting Passwords

Specify Installer Window Title

Include Custom Configuration File

Specify Default Directory

Specify Default Menu Name

Specify Source and Output Files

Specify Installation Password

Include Custom Password Provider

Customize the Welcome Page

Included Installation Features

SafeHouse Deployment Wizard

Volume Password Policy

Smartcard Password Policy

Volume Location Policy

Enable or Disable Administrator Smartcard

How Branding Affects your Local SafeHouse Files

How to Create a SafeHouse Administrator Smartcard for your Group

How to Determine which Group a PC Belongs to

How to Save your Group Password to a Smartcard

Important Facts about BRAND Files


More Information About SafeHouse Groups

Preparing a Customized Installer

Preparing a Silent Installer

Remote Reset from the Administrator's Perspective

Remote Reset from the Client's Perspective

Enter Administrator Credentials

Launch the Password Reset Dialog

Password Reset Request Form

Choose New Password

Launch the Password Reset Dialog

Wait for Administrator Approval

Local Password Reset

Resetting Lost Passwords

Remote Password Reset

Smartcard Expiration

Perform Local Password Reset

Perform Remote Password Reset

The Role of with Groups

Tips for Upgrading SafeHouse when using Groups

Using Smartcards for Administration

View Administrator Smartcard Audit Trail

Web-based Administration

Working with SafeHouse Groups



Custom Password Provider


SafeHouse Exit Codes

File Extensions






Command Line Options


/Create (for Setup)





























/Silent (for Setup)








SafeHouse Reference


Programming with SafeHouse


SafeHouse ActiveX









Utilities and Wizards

Backing Up SafeHouse Volumes

Basic Smartcard Tasks

How to Change the SafeHouse Sounds

Changing Volume Passwords

Choose New Password

How to Create a New Volume

Creative Solutions using SafeHouse

Emailing Files using SafeHouse

Entering Your Smartcard PIN

Explore Files

Exporting Cryptographic Software

Frequent Questions

Getting Started

How Smartcards add Security and Convenience

How to Access your Files

How to Change Your Smartcard Password

How to Close Volumes

How to Configure a PKCS#11 Smartcard

How to Contact Us

How to Create a Virtual Smartcard

How to Enable Smartcard Support

How to Export Smartcard Passwords

How to Import Smartcard Passwords

How to Manage Stored Passwords

How to Perform Basic Tasks

How to Add Passwords to a Smartcard

How to Remove Passwords from a Smartcard

How to Reset a Lost Password

SafeHouse User's Guide

Microsoft Outlook 2000

Microsoft Outlook Express

Microsoft Word 2000

How to Guard Access to Open Volumes

Moving to a New Computer

How to Open Volumes

Optimizing SafeHouse Volumes

Product Comparison

Read-Only Files

Ready to Create Volume

Removing SafeHouse

How to Repair a Volume

Local Reset Instructions

Remote Reset Instructions

How to Resize a Volume

Reveal Password as Typed

How SafeHouse Works

Auto-Resize Preferences

Choose Encryption Method

Name of Private Storage Area

Choose a Volume Password

Specify Password Policy

Size of Your Private Storage Area

Store Password on Smartcard

Ready to Expand or Shrink Volume

New Volume Size

Setting Options and Preferences

About this Smartcard

Smartcard Library

Smartcard Options

Smartcard Properties Dialog

Smartcard Tools

Virtual Smartcard

Stored Passwords

System Requirements

Storing Volumes on USB Memory Sticks

Storing Volumes on CD/DVDs

Submit the Password Reset Request Form

Tools and Options

About SafeHouse

Viewing Open Volumes

Setting Your Primary Volume

Launching Tools and Wizards


Upgrading Information

Using NTFS Inside Volumes

Using SafeHouse on Network Servers

Using Smartcards with SafeHouse

View or Change Volume Properties

Volume Open & Close Scripts

Wait for Administrator Approval

What is Encryption?

Where SafeHouse Keeps your Files