Perform Local Password Reset

Administrator smartcards can be used to perform local password resets for SafeHouse volumes without the operator knowing the administrator password for the respective branding group.

To perform a local password reset using an administrator smartcard:

  1. Insert your smartcard prior to launching the Password Reset dialog.

  2. Select the Local Reset tab.

  3. Enter your smartcard PIN or password when prompted by the popup authentication dialog.

  4. If the smartcard contains an entry corresponding to the same group to which the SafeHouse volume belongs, the Password Reset dialog will automatically switch to smartcard mode and allow you to choose a new password for the volume.

  5. Click OK to accept and finish.

You will not be able to perform a local reset using any smartcard which has been disabled through the website.

Smartcards must be enabled on the local machine for this feature to work.

Be careful when using remote desktop software to perform a local password reset using a smartcard. The smartcard will need to be inserted into a slot on the target machine, not the remote machine which you might be using to control the target.

See Local Password Reset under Resetting Lost Passwords.



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