Remote Password Reset

A remote password reset is how we refer to resetting passwords when you do not have direct access to the machine hosting the SafeHouse volume.

In this case, the end user (the person you are trying to help) has access to the machine hosting the SafeHouse volume, and you instruct them on how to submit a remote reset request through the website. Once you approve the request by completing a web form, the user will then be allowed to choose a new password for their volume.

Remote password resets nearly always involve two parties; the end user or client who is requesting help, and the administrator who has permission to provide the requested assistance and authorize the password reset.

The topics which follow describe the steps to performing a remote password reset from each party's perspective:

A Request for Help

In many cases, a request from an employee or client to reset a lost password starts with a phone call to the corporate hep desk. And more often than not, this person may be understandably frantic -- wondering if they'll ever see their files again, and if not, how much trouble they're going to be in. Your first job is to calm them down and let them know that nothing is lost, and that assuming you authorize the request, everything can be back to normal within a few minutes.

Since employees will not typically be familiar with the password reset process, you'll likely need to give them instructions by phone; telling them what to click and what fields to fill in. This is all very natural, which is why we've explained the process both in terms of what you need to do on your end as the administrator, and also what the employee or client needs to do on their end.

The overall process is broadly described as follows:

  1. Client contacts support department for help.

  2. Client is instructed to send a remote password reset request directly from the SafeHouse software.

  3. Administrator receives the request and approves it by filling out a web form.

  4. Client receives approval and is able to choose a new SafeHouse volume password.

  5. The transaction is automatically logged at

Client's Perspective

For this discussion, the client is the employee needing help to reset a SafeHouse volume password.

The SafeHouse software includes built-in support on the client side for performing all required steps. Although Internet access is required, all communication is performed directly by the SafeHouse software. Clients will not be required to use a browser or any external tools.

All client interaction will be performed using the dialog shown below.

See Performing a Remote Reset from the Client's Perspective.

Administrator's Perspective

As the SafeHouse administrator, you'll interact with the web form pictured below. Use this form to approve, deny or put a request on hold.

In most cases you'll receive a link to this form by email; however, you can also access this same form by logging in to if you have the proper permissions.

See Performing a Remote Reset from the Administrator's Perspective.


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