Customize the Welcome Page

If you have a need to change the text which appears on the very first page of your customized Setup program, here is where you specify the location of your replacement content file.

Please refer to the screen shot at the bottom of this page to see where this text appears.

Replace First Page with Customized HTML

Check this box if you wish to replace the HTML which appears on the first page of your custom Setup program with your own customized HTML.

When checked, you will be required to specify the location of your content file in the field below.

File Containing Custom Content

Specify the location of your MHT file containing your custom content.

MHT files are special HTML files which contain both the HTML text and any corresponding images.

You can create this type of file by viewing an HTML page you've developed in Internet Explorer, and then selecting the File | Save As option. One of the file output format choices you'll be asked to pick from includes the MHT file format.

Where this Text Appears

The screen shot below shows the first page of the Setup program where the welcome text appears.

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