How to Brand SafeHouse Explorer

The freely-distributable SafeHouse Explorer software supports SafeHouse groups and branding; subject to the licensing restrictions stated below. To take advantage of this capability, your SafeHouse group information will need to be embedded into the main SafeHouseExplorer.exe application file.

Why use SafeHouse Explorer?

SafeHouse Explorer is a very simple utility for creating and working with SafeHouse volumes. It can be especially useful with files stored on USB memory sticks because the EXE file can run stand-alone without needing to be installed in the traditional sense. You can run the SafeHouseExplorer.exe file directly from your memory stick. No other files are needed. Just place a copy of your branded SafeHouseExplorer.exe file onto the flash drive along with your SafeHouse volumes. Any new volumes created using this copy of SafeHouse Explorer will automatically belong to the respective SafeHouse group.

SafeHouse volumes created with SafeHouse Explorer are fully compatible and interchangeable with other SafeHouse products.

Please note that although SafeHouse Explorer can be configured as described here to create volumes belonging to specific SafeHouse groups, it does not itself include the administrator tools needed for resetting passwords. This can only be accomplished using a copy of SafeHouse Professional Edition.

Branding a Single Copy of SafeHouse Explorer

If you just need to brand a single copy of SafeHouse Explorer, this is easily done using the SafeHouse Branding Wizard.

First, make sure SafeHouse Explorer is already installed on your PC. If not, you can download it from

Next, assuming the default file locations used by SafeHouse, copy C:\Program Files\SafeHouse Explorer\SafeHouseExplorer.exe to C:\Program Files\SafeHouse.

Finally, run the SafeHouse Branding Wizard to either create a new brand or re-brand your local SafeHouse files using an existing brand. The copy of the SafeHouseExplorer.exe file will automatically be updated to include your group information at the same time as the other files in the SafeHouse programs folder are processed. After, you can optionally copy the updated file back to its original location.

Deploying SafeHouse Explorer using the Deployment Wizard

If you are planning to distribute branded copies of SafeHouse Explorer to a large number of people, this is best accomplished using the SafeHouse Deployment Wizard.

The Deployment Wizard includes support for bundling a branded copy of SafeHouse Explorer into a customized SafeHouse setup program. In this case, the above procedure for branding single copies is not necessary.

Learn how to include SafeHouse Explorer in your custom setup programs.

Important Licensing Information

Branded copies of SafeHouse Explorer are not freely distributable. Only the original unmodified SafeHouse Explorer downloads are free and freely distributable.

Our license agreement requires that each user of a branded copy of SafeHouse Explorer has a license to use SafeHouse Professional Edition. For example, if your company wishes to provide memory sticks to 100 employees which each contain a branded copy of SafeHouse Explorer, then you must purchase a license for 100 copies of SafeHouse Professional Edition to be installed onto these employees' primary computers. As long as the licenses are purchased, whether or not you actually install the Professional Edition on these machines is completely up to you.

The intent of this license provision is that we are providing the tools and a pathway for licensed users of our Professional Edition to use SafeHouse Explorer with the same volume administration benefits as are available with our core SafeHouse software.