Working with DVDs

Protecting files stored on CD/DVDs is easy with SafeHouse Explorer. You can even access your volumes directly from a DVD using SafeHouse Explorer.

SafeHouse volumes are ordinary Windows files and can be burned or copied to CDs and DVDs using the same procedures you use for any other kind of file.

Follow these steps encrypt files on DVDs:
  1. Create a temporary volume on your main hard drive large enough to hold the files you wish to send, but not so large if won't fit on your DVD.

  2. Open the volume and add your confidential files.

  3. Close the volume.

  4. Use your standard DVD-maker software to burn or copy the volume file to your DVD.

  5. Delete the temporary volume when you're done.

We also recommend that you include a copy of the SafeHouse Explorer setup program or the main program file on your DVD just to make sure it's always available to you whenever you access the DVD in the future.


Of course it goes without saying that you should not write your password on the DVD!

Re-Writable DVD Media

SafeHouse Explorer is not generally compatible with DVDs in read-write mode.

We do not recommend attempting to open and update volumes stored on RW+ media. Once you copy a volume onto a CD or DVD, you should only open it for reading. For traditional write-once CD/DVDs, your burner software will automatically mark the volume files as read only. For re-writable media, you may need to use Windows Explorer to set the volume to read only (via the file properties tab).

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