SafeHouse Explorer User's Guide

Version 3.00

Welcome to SafeHouse Explorer and the entire SafeHouse product line. SafeHouse is the very best software you'll find when it comes to protecting the privacy of your files and keeping intruders out. When you simply cannot afford to let your confidential files fall into the wrong hands, this is the software you need.

What is SafeHouse Explorer?

SafeHouse Explorer hides and protects your private documents and files, keeping them safe from intruders and anyone else who doesn't have your permission to view them. You can trust your privacy to SafeHouse.

SafeHouse Explorer is FREE!

Incredibly Simple Software

SafeHouse Explorer In Action Video

See SafeHouse Explorer in action and you'll instantly agree that this software is incredibly easy to use; even for novice computer users. Watch video...

SafeHouse Explorer uses passwords and advanced encryption to completely hide and defend your sensitive files, including photos, videos, spreadsheets, databases and just about any other kind of file that you might have. SafeHouse Explorer can protect files residing on any drive, including memory sticks, external USB drives, network servers and CD/DVDs.

SafeHouse Explorer creates hidden private storage areas on your local hard drive or external media to hold your confidential files. Your files are completely invisible until you enter your password. After you enter your secret password, you access your files using SafeHouse Explorer's familiar drag-and-drop Explorer-like interface.

Optionally Run Stand-Alone without Installing

SafeHouse Explorer can optionally be run as a stand-alone executable file (SafeHouseExplorer.exe) without needing to be installed -- meaning that it can be run directly from USB memory devices or even the Internet; thereby making it possible for you to now access your protected files from public-access PCs found in schools, libraries and coffee shops. See how it's done.

Use in Combination with SafeHouse Personal and Professional Editions

SafeHouse Explorer is the perfect companion to our other SafeHouse products. Although our commercial products may offer a great number of additional features, sometimes you just want a lightweight portable utility which offers quick and easy access to your confidential files from different machines where you don't have the right or option to install third-party software.

SafeHouse Explorer can peacefully co-exist with our other SafeHouse products on the same machine. In fact, when this is the case, SafeHouse Explorer gets a power boost because it is able to automatically take advantage of a variety of features offered only by our commercial products.

Starting Points

We guarantee you'll be up and running with SafeHouse Explorer in just a few minutes. These links will help get you started.


Our official website is  Drop by and check out our video tutorials!

The Many Flavors of SafeHouse

SafeHouse is distributed in several versions:

SafeHouse Explorer is published as a free companion application to our commercial SafeHouse products.

SafeHouse Explorer is full-featured and self-contained. Although it is not necessary to install any of our other SafeHouse products in order to use SafeHouse Explorer as a complete security solution, you may find some of the features available only in our commercial products to be quite useful and desirable; especially in business environments. However, if your  data protection and encryption requirements are fairly basic, then you may just find that SafeHouse Explorer is the only encryption product you'll ever need.

SafeHouse Personal Edition is intended mostly for home or individual use. Our Professional Edition includes everything in the Personal Edition plus an amazing array of features aimed at power users and corporate deployments.

All three versions of SafeHouse share the same encrypted file format.

See our features comparison chart for a complete list of differences between the products.

More Information

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