SafeHouse Explorer User's Guide

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Changing Volume Passwords

Checking Volume Integrity

How to Create a New Volume

Exporting Cryptographic Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with SafeHouse Explorer

How to Access your Files

How to Close Volumes

How to Contact Us

How to Perform Basic Tasks

How to Resize Volumes

How to Securely Delete Files

SafeHouse User's Guide

License Agreement

How to Open Volumes

Options and Preferences

Product Comparison

Read-Only Volume Files

Ready to Create Volume

Removing SafeHouse

Reveal Password as Typed

How SafeHouse Explorer Works

SafeHouse Professional Edition

Name of Private Storage Area

Choose a Volume Password

Size of Your Private Storage Area

Sending Secure Email Attachments

System Requirements

Tips and Tricks

Working with Memory Sticks

How to View or Change Volume Properties

What is Encryption?

Where SafeHouse Keeps your Files

Working with DVDs